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Your marketing goal should be to cause your prospective patients and referral sources to believe they would be making a mistake to choose any practice but yours for the type of services you provide. Our seven-step Formula for Market Dominance (FMD) provides the means for you to achieve this goal.

Developing your strategy entails defining your target markets and determining exactly what you need to say to each. This means having something great to say, expressing it well and repeating your message often.

Correctly applying the Formula for Market Dominance  always​​ results  in:

  • Improved patient retention

  • Increased patient referrals

  • More referrals from physicians and other health care professionals

  • Significant results from all forms of advertising




Uncovering a powerful marketing strategy begins with a desire on your part to do what it takes to ensure your practice thrives. 


The initial task is to determine what  your target markets need and want that is not being delivered exceptionally well by your competitors. This is actually rather easy because the average medical practice leaves much to be desired regarding patient relations, convenience and consistency. There is also much that can be done to create the perception that you deliver clearly better quality of care than your competitors. In our workshops and consultations we will show you exactly how to achieve this.

Your strategy must address all target markets that are important to your practice. Depending on your specialty, this could mean the general public, potential referring physicians, your patients, insurance companies, hospitals, IPAs, business owners, senior citizens, local schools, community organizations, lawyers or allied health care professionals, etc.


Marketing tactics include the type of promotion you plan to create, your frequency of messaging, and media selection. Among the media your tactics could include are websites, social media, email, online yellow pages, advertising (Internet and traditional media), and direct mail.

Tactical marketing also includes internal marketing components, such as patient satisfaction programs, gathering and  use of testimonials, referral programs, patient follow-up programs, patient education programs, and office appearance enhancement.

If virtually everyone thought your services were a better choice than your competitors', how many more patients would you get?

Attend our medical practice marketing strategy workshop and learn:

  • The exact steps it takes to develop a powerful marketing strategy based on honesty and integrity that will allow your practice to stand out from your competitors

  • How to get the results you need despite a limited budget

  • How to integrate your new compelling strategy with Internet, Social and traditional media

  • The best way to ensure you can remain in private practice despite the obstacles

  • The most effective way to grow patient referrals and referrals from physicians

Our workshop is effective for primary care practices, medical specialists, surgical specialists, urgent care centers, multi-specialty groups, and industrial clinics


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